November 17th, 2008

Bug Art Birthday Card Designs

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Thank you ALL so much for your congrats on my little bundle! He’s brought so much happiness to my life already! He’s been a pretty good sleeper today so I’ve been able to get this post together for you all :o)

Over the past few months I’ve been working on a children’s birthday card collection for Bug Art. I’ve finally completed the collection and am now able to show you them. I’ve posted a few here but if you pop over to my portfolio section, you can view the full collection. They’re going to be produced with gold and glitter so they’ll be extra special in person. I hope you like them!

Even though I’m a mommy now and my number one priority is my little pumpkin, I’m going to make lots of effort to keep my blog current and keep you posted on any interesting work I have on the go! Have a great week :o)


  1. Rachelle,
    Oh, I love them! So very cute! And Congratulations on your precious baby son! He’s so beautiful, as is your family as a whole! Sorry I hadn’t been able to write before now. I’ve been busy with two active girls and life in general. I still love the cards you sent me from your June give-away and they’re hanging in my daughters’ room. And I am expecting my 3rd baby in April! We’ll find out next week if boy or girl. Again, I love your work! Enjoy the experience of motherhood! There is no experience like it! Hope the “No Cry Sleep Solution” has helped you as it was my most useful parenting book! -Kelly

  2. Wow, great birthday cards, I know some little and older friend´s that would absolutley love them!
    Best wishes, Elenor

  3. I just love the Birthday cards. Very creative and fun to look at. Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date with all your goodies when you are so busy with your new precious bundle. Share a hug and kiss for him. Blessings on your family. Looking forward to whatever comes next.

  4. Hi Rachelle!!! Congratulations again!!!
    Your cards are just spectacular & my fave is the Teddy Bears picnic :o)x

  5. Rachelle,
    So glad little Isaac is a good baby and lets you have time to create and blog. LOVE the new designs! There’s so much to see and your eyes can’t help but pore over every detail! Love them!
    Take care!

  6. They are absolutely magnificent Rachelle :)

    Look after yourselves!!

  7. Your birthday cards will be absolutely delightful especially with the gold and glitter details…

  8. magnifique dessins encre
    quelle creativité
    bizz Mu

  9. ohhh!!! so beautiful….so lovely colors…Aline

  10. Hi Rachelle, First of all, Congrats with your little boy. He is so cute! It is not only the cards and designs that you make which are beautiful. haha. But your birthday cards will make a lot of children very happy.
    Have a nice week as well!
    xoxo Cecilia

  11. The cards are adorable, so very cute.Great your little guy is a good sleeper. The evenings/nights are harder with a little baby is my experience. But they grow and everything will go easier,LOL.Bye Mascha

  12. The cards are lovely but i love every thing that you do.Thank you for sharing your son with us,look forward to some more pictures of him,kind regards Margaret

  13. Oh WOW! What a fabulously colorful collection of adorable images! I could never pick a favorite…they’re all incredible!

  14. Aww these are adorable – beautiful images and kids will love them….

  15. They’re amazing! I’m sure they will be popular. Well done!

  16. Many congratulations to you on your precious baby and the adorable cards.
    Wonderful on both counts!

  17. Wellcome….Isaac Alexander..

  18. Such cute birthday cards :) well done!
    Glad to read that baby Issac is a good sleeper, if you get sleep you can cope with anything ;)
    Nice also for you to get some time for yourself.
    Take Care & enjoy every moment with wee Issac – Marion xoxo

  19. These are great Rachelle!

  20. Hi Rachelle, Your cards are fantastic, my fave would have to be the froggy one :)

    from boland:)

  21. Hi Rachelle, I have one word for describe your art:
    Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful and fantastic!!!

    I love it!

  22. Oh my god! How beautiful and fun.

  23. very cute, but shouldn’t you be resting and not working!! Go to sleep girl you will need it!!

  24. beautiful cards. Best of luck with them, and congrats on you new baby!

  25. your work could not be cuter! what a gorgeous and rich collection of birthday-themed cards… i don’t think i’ve seen a set more darling. your style is fabulous!

  26. These are the cutest ever!


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