July 2nd, 2010

Illustration Friday: Giant

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Here is this week’s submission for Illustration Friday. These two friends are inseparable :)

On a less positive note, Isaac came down with his first stomach bug today! Even though he’s been sick before, he’s never had a high fever and stomach issues. He’s usually super active, laughing, dancing, and running around all day long but today was very different. We had lots of cuddles and naps. It was nice in one way but I never want to see him sick :( He was in bed for the night at 5pm this evening so I’m hoping he gets a good long rest tonight and is much better in the morning.

Anyway, we’re looking forward to a relaxing weekend… and I’ll have to wish all my American readers, a fun and festive Indepedence Day!


  1. I look so forward to stopping by Rachelle! Your work brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart! Your characters are so lovable, so fun and so full of life!! FANTABULOUS!

  2. aww.. this is adorable!

  3. Hi Rachelle,
    Your illustration is beautiful! The colors are perfect! I’m sorry to hear that Isaac is sick. I hope he slept it off last night. I will hopefully talk to you and/or Brad later today. xoxo

  4. this is very cute

  5. wonderful! i’ve followed your work for awhile and i absolutely love your style and unique characters :)

  6. This is simply adorable. How can you not love a polka dotted elephant.

  7. Beautiful, Rachelle!. very nice and fun.
    very good illustration!

  8. I love your work. It is beautyful. How do you paint? Is it digital?

  9. I appreciate all the great comments!! :)

    Verena Münstermann – Yes, all my work is digital! I paint on my Wacom Cintiq :)

  10. Your illustration is perfectly darling!

  11. So cute!!! So nice to see all the details in your work. Hope your boy is feeling better. Yes they do seems to be more cuddly when they are sick…and so true that we like them to cuddle but cant wait for them to feel well again!

  12. Looks great! I love the colors and the happy feel it has!
    I hope Isaac feels better.

  13. too sweet!

  14. How CUTE!!! This is totally delightful! What could be cuter than a pink dotted elephant?? ♥ ♥ ♥


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