September 26th, 2008

Illustration Friday: Packed

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The sky was ‘packed’ with beautifully bright stars!

This illustration is a continuation from last week’s series. I plan to make four of them with the same characters and colour scheme. I think they’d look great in a baby or child’s room! ;o) This one might be a bit tricky to colour as I don’t want it to come across too busy and confusing (it’s quite a full drawing)… but I think if I get the colours right, it’ll appear less busy. Same as last week – I’ll be posting the coloured version next Friday (or I’m hoping to!)! Let me know what you think.

What should this cute little group of friends get into for the next couple drawings? I’d love your suggestions! If you have any great ideas, post them here and you might see them come to life in the next few weeks!


  1. They are soooo cute ! So nice ! You are so talented ! It’s breathtaking !!

  2. Adorable!! You know this would make the cutest mobile to hang above the crib!! Imagine how cute that would be spinning above the baby to music!! Just adorable ~ can’t wait to see what you come up with for the coloring!! :)Kathy

  3. Yuo are very talented……..adorable!!!!!!

  4. Get play on the word and wonderful illustrations.

  5. superbe ces dessins , trop rigolo
    bizz Mu

  6. Oh my goodness! I love this series Rachelle! Cuter and cuter each and every time!

  7. Oops…forgot to add that I could see these cuties getting into some mischief in the garden, or playing in a field of pumpkins, or playing in a bubble bath! How ’bout riding on a merry-go-round!

  8. I think these are the most adorable drawings I’ve seen in a long time. Do you sell these anywhere? I am expecting a baby girl in December and would love to have them for her bedroom.

  9. encore de beeaux dessins, ils sont superbes…bravo

  10. lovely! those are very sweet… i love your style.

  11. these little guys are adorable! i like monica’s ideas too! perhaps a swim in the ocean, having a pillow fight or climbing a tree next? :)

  12. These are so cute – would be fun to see them in the kitchen baking cookies or painting pictures or racing on bikes,trikes and push cars.

  13. Adorable! Love it! I like the ideas that Monica and Alison gave. What about having a picnic or a tea party?

  14. This is ADORABLE! I love it. As for ideas, what about something with a little red wagon? Though I remember you saying you were trying to hold back on red… Or what about somehow incorporating a word, like “baby” or “sweet” or something like that?

  15. I love anything and everything you design! How about some alphabets that correspond with an animal. Not the whole alphabet, but some letters with common, familiar, cute animals: B with a bear, M with a monkey, G with a giraffe. One letter, one animal.

    Hope you’re doing well…

  16. so cute. Love these little guys :)

  17. Thanks for all the wonderful feedback!! I’m glad you are all liking the series so far :o)

    Kathy – You’re right – this would make the cutest mobile. It would be a dream come true to design little stuffed animals and that kind of thing – maybe one day!

    Jennifer – I don’t sell these anywhere just yet but once the series is completed, I may be looking to have a company produce them or have them produced myself. I will keep you posted on my blog. Thanks for writing!

    Thank you all for your suggestions – I’m writing them all down and going to review them before starting my next one. My mind is buzzing with cute twists on all your ideas – keep ’em coming!

  18. What a wonderful mix, this is darling and so cute!!

  19. Lovely piece with the accompaniment of starry and softie friends around.

  20. very sweet, Rachelle, I love all your illustrations, but the last ones are the most beautiful!

  21. Awww they are so cute! I would like to see them sleeping all in one babybed together and how they celebrate Christmas togehter ;)

  22. They would be great as pictures in a childĀ“s room, just amazing as always! =)

  23. Some fall leaves would be cute. The cute little characters could play in the leaves.

  24. They are adorable! Your drawings always are. I love Jay Jay’s idea of seeing them all in a crib tucked around the edge, some laying, perhaps a series where they are playing around and some little game things going on like hide n’seek, then they all take a nap!
    Would love to see them like getting originally picked off the shelf at a store and all put together in a cart or basket and thrown together as Buddies for the new baby coming.
    What ever you do, it’s always Wonderful!!
    Would love you to go into production for prints to be signed, numbered and sold. That way you could control how many were out there.
    Would absolutely love that!

  25. These images are stunning as always, I can’t wait to see what you produce next! Hugs Linda x

  26. Hello Rachelle! I knew your blog today and I am in love with your illustrations!!!! God Bless your criativity!!!

    My sister draw too, but only with paper, not in PC, and I would like to know how past her beautiful work to computer! I am glad if you send me a little help! I am anxious to show your job to her!!!

    I am from Brazil!

  27. Thais – Thanks for your comment! I actually draw right on my computer with a Wacom tablet in Adobe Photoshop. Wacom tablets are wonderful! If your sister is interested in using one, you can find a link right here:

    Thanks again!

  28. What sweet images!!!


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