August 22nd, 2008

Illustration Friday: Routine

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Isaac always enjoyed his bedtime routine with mommy. (…and as a little inside secret, we’re thinking of naming our son Isaac!!) Click here to rate this illustration.

Yay!! I was able to find some time to participate in Illustration Friday! I’ve been so busy with design and other illustration work that when I get a chance to draw whatever I want – I can’t resist but draw my future little one :o) He’s my inspiration at the moment!


  1. Sweet Illo :)

    Can’t wait to meet you Isaac!!!

  2. This is lovely, Rachelle!

  3. I love this surname ISAAC, sweety boy !
    When will you give birth ?
    Your latest illustration is so cute !
    Really I am Fan !


  4. Thank you!

    Fee Flo – my due date is Nov 5th… not too far away!

  5. This one is so special. I just love it. Isaac is a beautiful name :>)

  6. superbe, c’est très beau….bravo

  7. très jolie image !!merci!

  8. Very cute. I can just feel your anxiety. Having a baby is the most wonderful thing in the world. I hope you have as good experience as I have.

  9. Whatever you decide to name him, he’s going to be loved, cared for, and adorable! What baby isn’t?!! Super cute!!

  10. Your blog is just beautiful. It’s looks like so much fun!!! I can tell you did a lot of work on. God bless you and your little. There is no greater, harder, work you’ll ever do as being a mother. May happiness be yours today!

  11. Love your illo! How sweet and precious! Nice work!

  12. I love your cute illustration.:)

  13. wondered who was going to do a bedtime routine one.delightful. love the name isaac, when is he due?

  14. btw, my blog is now soulbrush…

  15. This looks so sweet and peaceful and I love the glow from the lamp. Well done Su x

  16. This illustration is beautiful as usual. How many nights do I remember sitting with my babies just like this – these are precious times – enjoy!

  17. Thanks everyone :o)

    forever young – He’s due November 5th!

  18. Beautiful! Love all the details!

  19. oh cute cute cute cute. how many more times can i say it?!

  20. Gorgeously tender and sweet! Makes me want another baby. :) And Isaac is a fantastic name!

  21. Love this! Isaac is a perfect name…

  22. Outstanding illustration. This has a very nice warmth to it.

  23. soo cute and charming!

  24. You’ll find there are a lot of routines when it comes to little ones. Beautiful illustration.

  25. Absolutely Beautiful illustration.

    gigi :O)

  26. So sweet, love this. Wonderful little details with the toys on the floor and the lamp giving off it’s light. And what a cute name.

  27. Oh so cute! I’d love to see your illustration of stressed out mummy and screaming baby (or was that just me) he he!! Gorgeous name too!
    Love Becky xx

  28. Ok, is it weird that I can see you in the illustration, having just seen your (beautiful!) photos? There is definite resemblance! I just love your work, and have been enjoying your progress with little “Isaac”. :)

  29. Becky – Hehe your comment made me laugh out loud! I love to keep the focus on the perfect moments to come and ignore the fact that I’ll probably be a ball of stress half the time! lol :o)

    Sarah – Cute that you see me in my illustration! I’ve always had a tendency to draw characters that look like me – I guess it’s because it’s the person I stare at every morning and who’s face I know best!

  30. Hi Rachelle! I gave your blog an award. Feel free to view it on my blog and don’t feel the pressure to post it on yours. I always do, they’re like chain letters at bit, but in the end they boost your blogs ratings… so I suppose it doesn’t hurt.


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