October 16th, 2010

Spooky Night for IF

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This is my submission for this week’s Illustration Friday‘s theme, ‘Spooky’. I’m debating whether or not to take my little guy out for trick or treating this year. He’ll be turning two on November 1st but I still don’t think he’ll really understand what’s going on and I don’t really want to expose him to the ‘scary’ side of Halloween. We’ve walked in a few stores lately with goary zombies and body parts laying around and he seems a bit cautious of it all. I’d like to keep it simple and fun for him so we might end up attending a kiddy halloween party instead where everyone will be dressed in cute/happy costumes :)

What age did you start bringing your little ones out for trick or treating?


  1. super cute!

  2. Cute illo! Both my kiddos loved Halloween, so I know by age 2 they both were into it. I think you just have to gauge how your child will handle it; you can sense if he’s freaking out by the nasty costumes! My boys were both obsessed with them, though…they were creeped out as little ones, but they were curious, too. Good luck!

  3. very cute

  4. beautiful illustration!

  5. our church holds a Harvest Festival every year on Oct. 31st with carnival type games, rides, petting zoo, etc. i’ve been taking my daughter since she turned one. she gets to dress up, get treats and we don’t have to worry about the spooky stuff.

  6. Nice one! So cute! I like the lights and the colours, also the line…
    keep on working!! :)

  7. This very sweet.

  8. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your comments :)

    Beulah De Jesus – The party we are probably attending is a similar thing as your Harvest Festival. It’s a Pumpkin Festival where the kids get dressed up and there isn’t anything spooky either. Sounds like this would suit us better as Isaac is very sensitive and I don’t want to upset him with any scary sights!

  9. Hi Rachelle,

    Super cute illo!!! I really like the fact that we see their back and that they are holding hand, looking at the moon. :) Your style is so lovely. As for the big halloween question.. I can totally relate to what you are saying in regards to your 2 year old. I was so like you when my boy was 2!! And I finally decided to only go to some houses (grand-ma’s, and 2 or 3 houses in the neighborhood were I knew they would not scare him) :)

  10. Isabelle Cardinal – Thanks so much for your comment! I like your idea of taking younger kids to people you know where their houses won’t be too scary. If we decide not to go to the party, this is likely what we’ll end up doing :)

  11. A beautiful illustration, It is so sweet.

  12. sweet one!

  13. What a wonderful illustration Rachelle!



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