The Card-Making Pros!

Please meet our very talented design team! They are the forces behind all those beautiful card designs you see in our Facebook group and on Instagram. For those of you not familiar with what our design team does, these creative ladies take our digital stamps and design amazing cards for your inspiration! If you check out our blog, you can see their work from the past few months.

  • Personality: Crafty, Passionate, Loving

    Occupation: Insurance 

    How Many Years Crafting: My whole life/15 years cardmaking 

    Most Used Art Tools: Copics/Distress Ink

    Other Interests: Photography

    Fav Place: My Lake

    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Rainbow Cats

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  • Personality: Creative,  Fun, Compassionate 

    Occupation: Designer 

    How Many Years Crafting: 5

    Most Used Art Tools: Watercolor, Copics, Distress Oxide

    Other Interests: Traveling, Cooking, Animals, Sewing

    Fav Place: Somewhere can craft

    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Nativity Christmas

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  • Personality: Cheerful, Dependable, Fun 
    Occupation: Student (Doing my undergraduate degree in Food Technology) 
    How Many Years Crafting: 
     9 Years
    Most Used Art Tools: Alcohol Markers, Color Pencils, Stamps 
    Other Interests: 
    Cooking, Spending time with family, Table Tennis 
    Fav Place: Home (wherever family is)
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Nativity

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  • Personality: Creative, empathetic and fun

    Occupation: Accountant 

    How Many Years Crafting: 5

    Most Used Art Tools:  Stamps (Clear and digital), alcohol markers and pattern paper. 

    Other Interests: Reading, dancing and studying Physiology. 

    Fav Place: I love Barcelona but my favourite will be always home with my baby girl, husband & cats. 

    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Garden Friends

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  • Personality: Cheerful, shy and very funny!

    Occupation: Administrative

    How Many Years Crafting: Since I was young!

    Most Used Art Tools:  Copic and Distress Oxide

    Other Interests: Ride a bike, watch series with my family, play with my dog and go out with friends 

    Fav Place: My home 

    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Friendship Mouse


  • Personality: Caring, Bubbly, Reliable

    Occupation: Papercrafting

    How Many Years Crafting: On and off my whole life; Started cardmaking about 4 years ago

    Most Used Art Tool: Distress Oxide, Misti, Copics, Zigs

    Other Interests: Organizing, Cooking, Spending time with my family

    Fav Place: Aruba

    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Animal Balloons

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  • Personality:  Creative, Witty, and Hard-working
    Occupation: Designer / Owner
    How Many Years Crafting: 20+ years
    Most Used Art Tools:  Art Tools: MISTI, Copic Markers, Die cutting machine
    Other Interests:  Interior Design, Abstract Painting, Boating/Kayaking
    Fav Place: Our home, Our lake house and Venice, Italy to visit :)
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Little Fairy

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  • Personality: Outgoing, Perfectionist, Creative
    Occupation: Book Keeper & Full Time Mum
    How Many Years Crafting: 5
    Most Used Art Tools:  Copics, Dies & Die Cutting Machine, Paper Trimmer, and Flower Embellishments
    Other Interests: Disney movies, Collecting Disney Snow Globes, Traveling, Hoop Earrings, Cats, Christmas
    Fav Place: Bora Bora & Disney Land
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Nativity

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  • Personality: Creative, Reliable, Caring
    Occupation: IT Delivery Manager
    How Many Years Crafting: 3
    Most Used Art Tools: Copics, Distress Oxide
    Other Interests: Crochet, Computer Games, Reading, Crossfit, My 3 Cats
    Fav Place: New Zealand, Italy
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp:  Lamb Cuddle

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  • Personality:  Creative, Outgoing, Fitness Junkie
    Occupation:  Personal Trainer, Run Coach, Fitness Instructor
    How Many Years Crafting: 20+ years
    Most Used Art Tools: Stamps, Copics, Pattern Papers, Die Cuts
    Other Interests:  Running, Lifting Weights, Cycling, Kettlebells, HIIT & My Puppy Maddie
    Fav Place:  My Craft Room/Fitness Room
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Fall Leaves

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  • Personality: Sweet, Creative, and Loyal 
    Occupation: Cardmaker/ Papercrafter/Designer 
    How Many Years Crafting:
     Quite a few now! 
    Most Used Art Tools: Copics and Distress Inks
    Other Interests: 
    I love reading and fashion, illustrations, nature and animals, gardening and baking - I'm both a city and country girl I guess! 
    Fav Place: Let's say not discovered yet, there are so many beautiful places I'd love to travel to! 
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Bunny Garden, Kangaroo, Halloween Owl, Fireside and so many more! 

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  • Personality: Meticulous, Optimistic, Procrastinator
    Occupation: Web Developer
    How Many Years Crafting: All my life! (I'm 32)
    Most Used Art Tools: Copics and Distress Oxides
    Other Interests: Soccer, Traveling, Noodles
    Fav Place: Somewhere in the woods or on a beach!
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Mouse in Cake

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  • Personality: Bubbly, Creative, Caring
    Occupation: Belgium Government
    How Many Years Crafting: 4
    Most Used Art Tools: Misty, Embellishment Wand, Die Cutting Machines
    Other Interests: Music, Marketing
    Fav Place: Cosy at Home, Craftroom, Valencia
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: 

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  • Personality: Analytical, Helpful, Honest
    Occupation: Healthcare
    How Many Years Crafting: 9
    Most Used Art Tools: Copics
    Other Interests: Traveling, Reading, Photography, Hiking, History
    Fav Place: Oslo, Norway, London, Italy, Australia
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Letter to Santa

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  • Personality: Creative, Driven, Witty 
    Occupation: Self-employed
    How Many Years Crafting:
     As long as I can remember!
    Most Used Art Tools: Misti, Die-Cut Machine, Copics
    Other Interests: 
    Animals, Reading, Gardening, Boating, Home Decor, Shopping
    Fav Place: Home & Our Lakehouse
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Storytime

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  • Personality: Creative, Caring, and Fun
    Occupation: Retired
    How Many Years Crafting: Most of my life
    Most Used Art Tools: Scissors, Dies, Copics
    Other Interests: Being a Grandma, Gardening and Baking
    Fav Place: Home
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Ballerina Princess 

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  • Personality: Detail Oriented, Indecisive, Procrastinator
    Structural Engineer
    How Many Years Crafting: 10
    Most Used Art Tools:  Copics
    Other Interests: Traveling, Hiking, Photography, Reading
    Fav Place:  I can't pick a favourite, there are too many great ones to choose from!
    Fav RAM Digi Stamp: Animal Parade

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