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August 26th, 2015

Back to School Etsy Flash Sale!!

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I’m offering 50% everything in my Etsy store until Friday at midnight EST! This is the biggest sale discount I ever offer, so be sure to take advantage. You can visit my store by clicking here and the discount coupon code is: SCHOOL15

And there is a lot going on behind the scenes here.. two books, a product character design, new bedding designs, and lots more! I will hopefully post some photos soon :)

Happy shopping!

July 17th, 2015

Sew Your Own Gabby Doll!

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For those of you that follow my blog, you’ll know that I recently illustrated ‘Gabby Quilts for Friends‘ by Michael McCormick. I loved working on this book as the characters in the story are so charming and the story is fun and creative. The book has become very popular so it was very fitting to introduce a Gabby doll. You can buy the panels of fabric and sew the doll yourself! This would be such a fun little project for any fan of the book. And of course we can forget Gabby’s best friend, Bear, who is also available as a doll!

And some exciting related news.. I’m working on a second book for this series which should be released this fall. Stay tuned to my blog for all the details!



June 17th, 2015

My Etsy Store Grand Reopening!

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Did I really promise you to reopen my Etsy store last July? Then September? Then I think I stopped promising… Well, the time has finally come, my friends :) A little over a year after having my third sweet bundle of joy, I am ready to jump back into it! I am excited to see what new projects are on the horizon. There is one (possibly two) children’s books in the works, a new baby calendar to share with you, and my Etsy store back up and running – all set up with fresh paper and ink; and ready to personally sign and package each sweet print just for you! And to celebrate this grand occasion, I am offering 20% off everything in my store until Saturday. Simply checkout with the coupon code: OPEN2015 to get your special discount! It feels good to be back :)

May 13th, 2015

My Art Just Came to Life!

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I was beyond excited to unwrap these sweet figurines that I received in the mail the other day. Ween from Sugar.com.my creates some pretty amazing things with sugar and has been using my art as inspiration for her cake decorations. She offered to bring my characters to life for me and I absolutely adore them! Now don’t I need a whole village of these cute characters? ;)


April 22nd, 2015

Happy Birthday Isla!

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Happy birthday to my sweet, funny, feisty, cuddly, and sensitive little girl. You have added so much to our family! I can’t even begin to describe the sheer joy you bring me. I don’t think you’ll ever truly understand this until you have a daughter of your own. After growing up with three brothers and having two sons of my own, you could not of been more welcomed and adored! Our family is perfectly complete with you. We all love you so much.

I love how much you admire your brothers and follow them around the house, wishing you could do everything they do. You love books, frozen blueberries, swinging, picking out your shoes, and seeing Isaac for the first time after a long day at school. You love stuffies and always end up in Isaac’s room, raiding his ever growing collection. You have the best hair, the cutest smile, and the brightest eyes…we will always be your biggest fans! Your brothers love you so much and they will always be there to protect and stand up for you.

I have always wanted a daughter and because of you, my heart is complete. Your daddy and I love you so much little miss sunshine.. and hope that you enjoy your special day tomorrow!


Mommy xx

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