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Rachelle Anne Miller
I haven't blogged in what seems like years! I think it must have been about 10 years since I last updated a blog but I think it's time to get back into it. For a while, I felt like blogging was a thing of the past and social tools like Facebook and Instagram were the way of the future. But in retrospect, blogging offers a bit more that you really can't get from other social media. For those of you that have followed me since then, I am back with three kids in tow and living in Australia!

To start off, I am launching my own standalone store where I am selling my art prints (up to size A2 now!) and offering greeting cards now as well. I print all products myself on my professional Epson printer and sign/package everything up right here in my art studio! So when you order something from my store, it comes directly from me - lovingly prepared and packaged!

I hope to be posting here regularly as it fits in my schedule. I'm planning to post about new artwork, design ideas, and links to sites and resources I enjoy! I'd love to know if you're reading this and where you're from, so please comment and say hello :)
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Love your artwork Rachelle. How do I pay for digital stamps using an English debit card? Thank you.

Sylvia Oliphant

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