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What are digital stamps? Digital stamps, or digi stamps, are black and white digital images that are downloaded and printed out at home to create cards and papercraft projects. They are used similarly to traditional rubber stamps but have the advantage of being resized, flipped (create a mirror image) or manipulated in other ways before printing. This gives a stamper a range of new design opportunities!

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What are the advantages of digital stamps?

Advantages of Digital Stamps:
• Super versatile as they can be resized, mirrored, and manipulated before printing
• Easily create scenes, without masking
• No waiting! Once purchased, you can download them right away
• Saves space in your craftroom, as they do not require physical storage

What is included in my download?

You will receive two PNG files for every digital stamp your purchase. The first is a black and white PNG file on a transparent background and the second is a light-grey and white PNG file on a transparent background ('no-line' version). The benefit of the light-grey version is if you wish to do a 'no-line' image where you can colour over the light grey lines. PNG files can be opened and printed on any computer and printer. The digital stamps are sized perfectly for an A6 or 4x6" card but can be resized to your project as necessary.

What printer do I need?

A laser printer is most ideal when printing digital stamps however, most of us (including myself) have inkjet printers and can also successfully print and colour digital stamps with this style of printer (Canon Pixma or HP ENVY Photo printer are great ones). Depending on the printer/ink/and card you use, you may need to do a bit of testing before colouring with alcohol or water based mediums. 

If your printer ink bleeds, you can try the following tips below to see if it will help:

• Leave overnight to dry.
• Try heat-setting the ink with a hair dryer or heat gun
• Print in draft or fast mode to use less ink on the printout.

A great video by Laura Volpes on choosing your printer:
🎥 The Perfect Printer for Digital Stamps

What paper should I print on?

Here is a list of the papers we recommend for best printing results (especially when colouring with water or alcohol based media):

• XPress It Blending Card (our fav!)
• Transotype Perfect Coloring Paper
• Neenah Solar White
• Accent Opaque White
• Strathmore Bristol Smooth
• Deleter Comic Book Kent Paper
• White Hammermill

But don't be afraid to test out other media and find what works best for you!

What program should I use to edit the image?


I highly recommend using Google Docs to resize and flip your digital stamps. It is a free, web-based program and doesn't require you to download or install any software.

To resize image in Google Docs:
1. Insert > Image > Upload From Computer
2. Click on image and resize accordingly.
NOTE: If you click on the 'Image Options' button, you can see the exact dimensions of your image.

To flip image in Google Docs:
Insert > Drawing > +New
2. Click on 'Image' icon on right side
3. Choose File to Upload
4. Actions > Rotate > Flip Horizontally


Alternatively, you can also edit the images in Microsoft Word. Alyce from Kit & Clowder has two very helpful videos to help you with digital stamps on your computer.

🎥 Easily Resize + Use Digital Stamps
🎥 Advanced Digital Stamp Tips


Another option is Silhouette Studio. Laura Volpes does a great video to help you get started.
🎥 The Underrated Stamps You Are Missing Out On

What is the best size to print the stamp?

All RAM Stamps are designed to fit well within a 4x6" frame. The file you'll receive will be larger in the case that a larger print is needed. For cardmaking, they are best scaled to 4x6" with 300 DPI.

What are some tips on colouring digital stamps?

When digital stamps have been printed from a computer they can be coloured in the same way as traditional stamped images. Pens, pencils, and paints are all suitable for use with printed digital stamps.

We have some crafty friends who are amazing at teaching their colouring skills through video classes. There are also lots of Youtube videos where you can search for tips using specific techniques and tools.

Kit and Clowder
My Creative Scoop

Where can I find inspiration for card designs?

Come join us in our active Facebook group or follow along on Instagram for card inspiration from our talented design team.

What is your Angel Policy?

All images on this website are the property of Rachelle Anne Miller and are protected by copyright law. By purchasing a digital download, you are adhering to the policy state herein.

Rachelle Anne Miller digital stamps may be used on items for resale but they must be printed and hand-coloured. If you wish to digitally colour a stamp, you may print up to 5 copies and each copy must be added to a handcrafted card or project. Please give credit to Rachelle when possible. Please do not replicate/reproduce the image by any means. The purchased image must not be shared or redistributed and is only to be used by the purchaser. Rachelle Anne Miller designs may not be used to create logos or trademarks. This policy may be updated at any time and should be referenced periodically for important changes.

Can I turn my digital stamp into a one-off rubber or clear stamp?

Yes, you can absolutely use the digital file to create your own personal clear or rubber stamp. But remember, you can't sell this stamp and can only produce the one single stamp for personal use! I highly recommend Magnuson Custom Stamps who are located in the US but ship worldwide. They will take your custom design or digital stamp and produce a clear or rubber stamp. They sent me a sample of their product and the quality and customer service are amazing! So if you prefer a physical stamp but love one of my digis, this may be the route for you.

Do you sell clear or rubber stamps?

Yes, you can purchase RAM clear stamps with coordinating die-namics at MFT Stamps. There are a select number of designs in their shop and we are releasing new designs all the time so be sure to check regularly!

How Do I Work With Digital Stamps in Procreate?

If you'd like to move parts of the stamp around, resize, flip, or add two stamps together, you can do so in programs like Microsoft Word, Procreate, and more. Maartje walks us through the process of bringing multiple images together in Procreate to create a unique scene!

Turn Digital Stamps into Cards with Procreate

Helpful Links


Rachelle & Lien help you learn to colour digital stamps by hand or in Procreate. Visit the RAM YouTube channel to start learning!

RAM YouTube

Advantages of Digital Stamps

  • "For me digital stamps are a great outlet of my creativity. For one, I very much enjoy coloring the cute scenes. Furthermore, it is really easy to create scenes yourself by combining digi's, or you can choose a digi which is already a scene. Digital stamps are also always the perfect size, as you can resize them however you want. What I love about your digi's is not just your style, but also all the lovely details you put in. Coloring your digi's is like going on an adventure, as you always discover cute little things along the way."
    - Maartje Kraaijenhagen

    "They can be easily stored and classified, they can be adapted to the size we need for our project and their cost is less than a physical stamp. And they don't break!"

    - Cristina Fernandez

  • "I love digis because I love the flexibility of being able to resize the images. I also love being able to easily flip images to create a reflection or just because I prefer an image to face a certain way. Being able to create scenes without the fuss of masking and knowing exactly what your card design will look like when you print it out are also huge bonuses. But the best thing about digis is that they don’t take up any space. So I can collect as many as my heart desires and my husband doesn’t even have to know!"

    - Stefanie Loh

    Digital stamps are great for resizing and getting the image to suit your design. It’s also great because you don’t have to wait on delivery! 
    - Sharna Waksmulski

  • "I love that I have the ability to print a clean image every time without smudging or needing a special ink or stamping tool!

    These are some of the other advantages:

    • Digital stamps are space saving (don’t take up physical space in my craft room)
    • Easy to organize on your computer
    • Can resize them
    • Can arrange them on top of one another without having to mask
    • Cost effective
    • Get them immediately in an email!"

    - Mona Gandecha

  • I love using digital stamps for a multitude of reasons. 
    • They are a space saver for the tiniest craft room!
    • There is no messy masking when you want to overlap images, which also means less fussy cutting & messy ink.
    • Besides making cards I like to make the occasional projects. I love that I can enlarge my images to any size to suit my project. This makes my stamp more versatile.
    • You can flip images, which allows you to use the same image more than once on your scene.
    • No more waiting in the post for your purchase to arrive.
    • No wear & tear on your stamps, so they last forever!
    • No messy ink to clean No stamping platform required.
    • No more fussy cutting if you have the added bonus of owning a cutting machine like a Silhouette! You can easily upload your image, print & cut it electronically. Handy for arthritis sufferers & those that find fussy cutting too difficult & tedious.  
    - Noelene Apap

  • "Before I started using digital stamps I was apprehensive as I've always enjoyed using clear/rubber stamps, but in all honesty digital stamps offer you so much flexibility and allow you to be creative without any restrictions! If you want to make a smaller or bigger card than usual just resize your stamp! No more meticulous cutting of masks from masking paper, just layer your images and print! Also, you don't have to struggle to get a perfect stamped image and waste cardstock while you're at it! I never worry about my printed image smearing when I use my alcohol markers or watercolors! And the biggest advantage for an impatient person like me, is the images arrive instantly in my inbox so I can start crafting immediately I'm so glad I decided to try digital stamps and have no regrets!"

    - Anisha Skariah

    "Short on storage space for your craft stash?? Digital images are the answer.. they are stored on your computer and so easy to use!"

    - Christine Levison

  • "They always turn out perfect. There is never any “stamping chatter” or grey areas where you didn’t get enough ink on the stamp or misalignment when you try to stamp a darker outline."
    -Meghan Kennihan

    "I really like I can re-size them and I can have fun coloring them digitally  Also they're printed and not stamped, so they're perfect every time and have a lovely printed finish!"

    - Franci Vignoli

    "Digital stamps, apart from resizing, are easy to organize and space-saving. You can also color them on the iPad/computer with software and then print them out a particular day - Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. So it lets you create your cards faster and easier. Also, you can print it out onto other materials to make anything you want, such as a postcard, stickers, or posters."

    -Yan Au

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